About Debi

'A true artist
is not one who is inspired,
but one who inspires others.'
Salvador Dali

My children are grown up and so to fill the void I rescued a Jack Russell from Dog’s Trust, Newbury and he became my ‘fourth child’. He is my inspiration for 'The Secret Adventures of Rolo', alongside my love of history, reading, creative writing and a desire to share that spark with primary school age children. It has been a bonus to discover that adults enjoy reading about Rolo's historic encounters, just as much as the target 7-12 age group!

Since writing my books I have spent many years visiting primary schools all over the UK, and as far away as the Middle East, China, Indonesia, and USA, inspiring children to evolve their own creative writing.

I confess to enjoying the face to face empowering of young minds in the classroom more than the physical act of writing! The secret of my fantasy adventure success is using historic fact woven with lively imagination and crafted into a believable story.

 I love conducting creative writing workshops with Key Stage 2 children, hoping to unleash their untapped imagination, encourage productivity and boost confidence whilst sharing a few writing ideas. The smallest observation can set a lively imagination on a fantasy adventure which knows no bounds!