Rolo invites you to get involved in his further Secret Adventures and be as creative as you can!

Have a go at writing a short story or a chapter about Rolo which might be included in a special compilation of work written by his fans! Use your imagination and let the words fly! You can include a drawing too. Ask mum or dad to email the story or chapter as a 'Word document' and scan in any drawing you might like to include, to

I will be giving away signed and paw-printed copies of The Secret Adventures of Rolo book 5 to lucky winners - the first ones to be printed.

Remember, Rolo gets sent to particular moments in history by Athelstan the tree dragon with the purpose of making something happen, or witnessing an event.

Please ensure you work is original, and that your first name and school is mentioned in the covering email, with 'Competition' in the subject box.

Happy writing!