'If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten'  



Rolo's books are cross-curricular! Some of Rolo's adventures in history are linked to topics in the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2.

'The Secret Adventures of Rolo' can be an enjoyable family read; perfect for introducing children to history, as a stand-alone book or a substantial series.


Where does Rolo time travel to?

book by book synopsis

Book 1

Athelstan and the Time Tunnel

The English Civil War
The Great Fire of Malborough
The Invention of 'Cat's Eyes'
Crop Rotation
Thomas Wolsey
The Blitz


Book 2

The Chilvester Passage

The Mary Rose
The Moon Rakers
Ancient Egypt
The Black Death
Space Exploration
Invention of the X-ray
The Bronze Age

Book 3

The Dragon's Pram

The Iron Age
Constructing the Kennet and Avon Canal
The Magna Carta
Henry VIII
The Gunpowder Plot


Book 4

Jewel Dog and the Dragons

Bronze Age Settlement
The Christmas Truce (1914)
King Alfred and the Vikings
The Founding of the UAE
The Trojan Horse
Aesop's Fables


Book 5

Phoenix and the Dragonling

Hadrian's Wall
The Titanic
Florence Nightingale
The First Emperor of China