“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” Rudyard Kipling.

There is a wealth of educational material woven into 'The Secret Adventures of Rolo' series.

My aim is to interest readers - both young and adult - in history and nature. The canine hero witnesses history during his secret journeys back in time and sometimes plays a part in making events happen!

Aside from adventures in history, Rolo saves his beloved dragon tree, witnesses a fierce storm, discovers a secret passageway, rehomes baby badgers, hatches a dragon egg and rescues mythical creatures! Follow-up creative writing ideas based on the books are freely shared with teachers and a flurry of dynamic fantasy stories are often produced in the classroom after an inspirational author experience.

Book 1 'Athelstan and the Time Tunnel;
English Civil War
Medieval village life
The Fire of Marlborough 1653
The invention of 'Cat's Eyes' 1934
Crop rotation
History of biscuits
Thomas Wolsey
Haxey Hood
The Blitz
Marlborough Castle
Montgolfier brothers' hot air balloon

Book 2 'The Chilvester Passage;
The sinking of The Mary Rose
Prince Llewelyn and Gelert
Smuggling (moonraking)
Theft of the World Cup 1966
Ancient Egypt
Black Death
Space exploration 1960s
X-ray invention
Bronze Age (The Amesbury Archer)
The National Gallery (art)   

This review is from Books for Topics, a very helpful educational resource website www.booksfortopics.com

Book 3 'The Dragon's Pram';
Canal construction
Iron Age
Sun dial
Magna Carta
Medieval knight
Henry Vlll and the dissolution of the Monasteries
Gunpowder Plot
13th horoscope
Chocolate factory
Willow Pattern plate

Book 4 'Jewel Dog and the Dragons';
Bronze Age settlement at Must Farm
The Christmas truce of 1914 (WW1)
King Alfred of Wessex and the Vikings
The founding of the United Arab Emirates 1971
Montgomery Castle
The Trojan Horse
The Cardiff dragon
Greek Mythology and Aesop's Fables
Mythical creatures including unicorns