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Visit to Hexthorpe Primary School 

'Thank you so much for visiting our school. The world of education is a challenging place at the moment -  with the current government changes to assessment, the curriculum and so many other things - teachers are often caught up in a whirlwind of assessment, data and Ofsted. Today, however, was one of those wonderful moments that supersedes all of the bureaucracy and brings the purpose of our jobs sharply into focus:  it's all about the children. Seeing the awe, wonder and curiosity on the faces of every single child as they listened to your talk was incredibly inspiring. It made me remember why we do our job - to create lasting memories and experiences that children will never forget. Today really was one of those moments. Thank you.

I was sitting next to a little boy who has a long history of challenging life experiences. I have never seen him so inspired, engaged and motivated. Apparently, for the whole rest of the day, he was hunting all over the school for dragons! At lunch time, Rolo was the focus of most conversations and children were discussing his time-travelling adventures. Your talk has not only inspired the children to read your books, but also to write! A girl in my class has already written the first chapter to her dragon based story...'  Wessex Primary March 2016

Thank you for sharing your stories with my daughter  at Rushall School last week, she is loving reading Book 1. I have promised to purchase Book 2 once this one is finished!

It was a pleasure to have you back Debi and thank you for inspiring the children yet again! They have been busy reading your latest installment! I have one particular school who are interested in booking you so will pass on your details!   I hope to see you in the future - perhaps when you have written your next book?! Huge thanks again for coming to work with our children.   Best wishes, Jane

p.s. I bought a Rolo book for my son who is 12 and he is loving it, can’t get him to switch his light off at night “just one more page Mum”

Rolo Reading Book 2

Hi Debi, I just wanted to say how much D loved the first book and how much pleasure I got from seeing him so inspired to read. He really enjoyed your visit to Inkpen Primary School, thank you for getting my reluctant reader interested in books. Best wishes J.

Dear Debi, Just a quick note to say many thanks for sorting the book for my daughter G.   It made her Christmas and she was found tucked up on her bed reading it on Christmas day!  Already read twice she is now waiting with baited breath for the next book!

Debi Evans in School

Saw you today at Ramsbury school and thought you were fab.

Thank you for these ideas. I think the children were inspired by your writing and some have been busy writing already! It was lovely to meet you GP. Brinkworth

'My daughter met Rolo and Debi today at Lethbridge school. She thinks Rolo is very cute, and has been inspired today - thank you'

'Our speaker on Tuesday 12 September was Debi Evans who told us how she was inspired to write children’s books when she rescued a Jack Russell which she named Rolo. She then wrote a series of books starting with ‘the Secret Adventures of Rolo’. The books are written as though by Rolo himself and incorporate local history from the Marlborough and Devizes areas. They are a good read for children and adults alike. Debi’s fantastic imagination shone through and this, incorporated with historical facts in Wiltshire and further afield, made her talk so interesting, along with the wonderful illustrations from her books.Debi is a speaker that we would thoroughly recommend for schools and adult groups'. URCHFONT WOMEN'S INSTITUTE

Debi, I have just finished reading Rolo to my Brownies They want to know when the next one is coming here. Told them it is still being written as Rolo is only a little dog and all these adventures tire him out! They think you should get a bigger dog to go with Rolo and carry him when he gets tired! Simple !! Brown Owl.

Thank you so much for coming in yesterday - the children absolutely LOVED it and have come in this morning talking about it. We are so lucky that we feature in the book so thank you. Please do keep us posted on Rolo's adventure and we would love to see you back here soon! Many thanks, Helen

I just wanted to say thank you as well for what your books have done for my son. You came to his school last week, Saint Nicolas in Weymouth, he is 9 an has Aspergers. He is a very good reader but loses interested very easily. Not your books though, he is now at book number two and almost finished, it also seems to have made him want to write stories of his own. Which is great. He came to watch you in the big hall at school which he hardly ever goes in with all the other children, for someone who doesn't do noise and crowds this is great. Any way thanks we are really grateful.

Debi Evans I love your books they are great and they totally hook you into the book, everyone at my school has got a book and actually I have never see my friends so happy to read a book and share how much chapters they have done i think you have really impressed the school when you came in and you inspired me to write when i am older. You did a great job. Thank you and hope you do some more books because they are great.   

@debievans7 my daughter has not stopped talking about your visit today! You have a new fan! Retweeted by A O’D

Thanks, Debi. I know everyone was enthralled by your stories. So glad you were able to share your talents with us. P, Head Kennet Valley School

Debi Evans Signing Books in School