"Welcome to the exciting world of Rolo, the floppy-haired boy and dragons!"

I am author of 'The Secret Adventures of Rolo' and co-author of ‘The Secret Society of Dragon Protectors’ series of fantasy adventure books for children.

Here you can find out about the books I have written and the 'author experience' offered to primary schools. There is a link to buy The Secret Adventures of Rolo books or download Kindle editions, and you can also join Rolo’s fan club and receive his newsletters by email or make a school booking. 


  • Malmesbury C of E Primary School were recently fortunate to enjoy a second visit from the children’s author, Debi Evans during a repeat of a hugely successful unit on Myths and Legends. Previously reluctant readers have been thoroughly enthused to read, read and read more. It has also inspired many of our children to pick up their pens and write their own creative pieces'   R.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this. Anyone who owns dogs will recognise their pet in Rolo. How lovely to include so much local and natural history in the story and how telling that it takes a little dog to remind us of the importance of it. Ms. J. L. Carr

  • It is the best book I've ever read. My son loved it and I loved it! It's the way it's written as if you're the dog and the best part is the begging when the dogs are barking and the one that's not is one that gets picked. I would say that if you are a dog, cat, fish or rabbit fan you'll love every page of it! Please write the second book! Peter Murphy 'smurfy' Islington, London
  • My 8 year old daughter loves this book, we also have a Jack Russell which makes it all the more special; we can imagine our dog doing similar things to Rolo. It is very well written and teaches her other things along the way! It is imaginative and keeps her guessing as to what will happen next so she just wants to keep on reading it, looking forward to Rolo's next adventure! L and H Morse

  • I have been reading this to my class of 8/9 year olds and they love it. It is written in the first person by Rolo and my class have really connected with this. They enjoy the humour, especially the thought of a dog writing a blog in secret, but are still young enough to get caught up in and believe the fantasy element. I am a bit biased because I love the other books by this author too. Highly recommended to encourage reading and a love of books in this age group. Mrs E Baxter

  • Debi Evans, the author of the time travelling Rolo the terrier books -- and other earlier books -- has such imaginative flare coupled with an easy flowing personable style of writing. These books are a great read for children and adults! Not only do they stimulate reading skills, but the history and clever little anecdotes about the countryside enrich the reader's knowledge as well. The fun layout and charming illustrations compliment the stories. An intangible je ne sais quoi quality about the Rolo books leaves me feeling just a little bit wiser and more positive for having read them and I think, therefore, they must have the same affect on children. Deeper dimensions in the writing than, say, Harry Potter. I would like to see Rolo made into an animated film/films and if Debi keeps going with this series, she may well get a phone call from someone in the film industry one day soon.

I am writing to thank you for visiting Little Somerford WI on Thursday evening and giving us such an enjoyable talk about your children's books. Members were so impressed with the variety of sources of inspiration you used and how you weave them into lovely stories. You gave us a lively presentation that was a pleasure to listen to, thank you.